Friday, 15 January 2016

Book Review: All the Bright Places

Hey everyone!

I wanted to start off my blog with a book review, because I love books sooooo much!

All the Bright Places  by Jennifer Niven

This book is about a girl called Violet and a boy called Finch. They meet on the ledge of the bell tower, and from then on in are drawn to each other like magnets.

The book follows their story of love and friendship, as they 'wander' around their state.

I have to say this can be quite a sad and emotional book, but it is definitely worth the read! In some ways people would say it is like 'The Fault In Our Stars', but personally I believe it completely different and Jennifer has a very unique and intriguing writing style. 

This book would be classed as a ' young adult' novel and I would recommend it for 12 to, well, any age really!!! I think that adults would enjoy it just as much as teenagers!

You should read this book because of its understanding of life, friendship and compassion!

Rating: 4   1/2 stars!

Comment below if you've read All the Bright Places, or what your favourite book is!

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