Monday, 18 January 2016

Book Review: Gone

Hey guys!!

I'm going to do another book review, but this time on Gone. Hope you enjoy it!

Gone By Michael Grant

This book is part of a six book series about an area in which all the people of 16 disappear and a dome appears above the place. People begin to have mutant powers, run out of food and split off into different groups to fight. You follow the story of all the main characters as they fight for survival and try to escape.

This book is definitely for people who like full, action-packed books with lots of shocking twists and turns. It is very intense and can be quite gruesome.

Sometimes I found it quite hard to keep track of all the characters but each one had a unique and page-turning storyline.

Because this book can be quite gory I would recommend it for 13-20 year olds, and maybe even a bit older!

You should read this book since it is action-packed, funny but serious and has amazing storylines that all fit together at the end.

Have you read Gone or any of the books in the series? Did you enjoy it? What is your favourite book? Let me know in the comments below! And let me know some post requests so I know what you like!

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

R.I.P Alan Rickman

Hi again!

This is probably going to be a bit of a sadder post but I wanted to do it to appreciate Alan Rickman's life and his amazing work.

I just wanted to say that he was a truly great inspiration to everyone. He had a a good heart and was great acting at the many roles he portrayed.

Many people are just say, "RIP Snape", but I think that's is disrespectful. We should appreciate him for his true personality and not his fictional character.

He was a very kind and caring man, who didn't use fame to his advantage. I pray for all his family and friends during this difficult time.

Also, it's things like that make me question if there is a God, or anyone at all. If there was, why do they let great people like him die? And when they still could have many more years filled with life?

That was a quick post to appreciate his life. I will be posting another book review soon, so keep reading! How to you feel about Alan Rickman's death? Let me know if you're reading in the comments! And hello our new reader in Poland!

Internet Girl xxx

Saturday, 16 January 2016

About Me: Holidays

Hello again!

I'd like to welcome any new readers! BlogSpot is telling me someone in South Africa has read my blog! I was so excited when I saw!! And there is someone in the US and maybe even a few readers in Britain!!!!!!! I would like to think this can be our little section of the Interenet that we can share. You don't have to comment if you don't want to, but also if you have a blog you would like me to check out, I would be delighted to!

Anyway, on with the post! I am going to write about 'Holidays': some of the ones I've loved; where I like to go; my worst holiday etc.


Holidays are all about relaxing and going somewhere beautiful so you can get away from work. Most people enjoy staying somewhere hot, and enjoying the sun on sandy beaches. However, I prefer to stay in a forest, or countryside somewhere, where it's not quite boiling, but there is a comforting breeze.

My ideal holiday would be in Center Parcs, or a place similar. Where you can relax in a lodge underneath all the greenery, enjoying as many a variety of activities as you wish. You're surrounded by other lodges and homes, yet you feel like you are the only ones there. It's just so tranquil and great.

However, if I did go somewhere with a beach, I'd rather it be in a place a bit colder. Porthleven, Cornwall is one of my favourite holiday destinations. It is a small village with lots of holiday cottages, and my family and I always stay in one in particular. It is only seperated from the beach by I small road and has a short path leading down to the many extremely cute knick-knack shops you find in those places. The people are so welcoming and it really feels like you've been living there for years.

Also, one thing I do know I want when I go on holiday is a pool. I LOVE swimming! I just love the feeling of the water swishing past you, and the deadly silence of the water compared to the noisy chatter above. One time when I went on holiday, we went to the Cotswolds, and went to a pool that was outside. We swam while the rain poured around us, and I don't know why, but I just felt so free! You should definitely try swimming in the rain! (Make sure it's a heated pool though!)

One last thing that I love about holidays is that it brings the whole family together. At home, you would all be in separate rooms, not talking until meals. When you're on holiday everyone sits in the living room together, plays card games and has BBQs together. It's a time were you can enjoy your family, take a break from the blaring screens, relax and just appreciate the world we have! I'd much rather stay somewhere peaceful and beautiful than a noisy city with theme parks and shouty tourists. Wouldn't you?

So, that's my feelings and opinions on holidays (or vacations). Sorry it was a bit long, I got carried away! Comment below about your holidays, and where you like to go. Do you prefer a forest or city? What's your opinion? Please keep reading! Hope you enjoy what you see! 

Internet Girl xxx

Tips: Revision and Exams

Hello again!

I am going to write some tips on how to deal with exams and how to revise well. I also wanted to say, to anyone who actually reads these posts, I'm not going to be posting so much since I will run out of ideas. I think I will only post once a day. thanks for reading xx

  • Start Early: As soon as you know when your exam will be, start revising! Don't leave it to the last minute; find out what will be in the paper and revise as much as you can.
  • Take Breaks: Make sure you remember to take regular breaks so you don't get too tired, otherwise you won't be able to focus! 
  • Rewards: If you have been working for quite a while or have done really well in a past paper, give yourself a reward! Maybe a break, chocolate, go outside, watch T.V.
  • Don't Give Up: Even if you can't focus or you haven't remembered anything, don't give up! You're probably just getting stressed and worrying too much! Have a relax before you start working again.
  • Be Organised: Draw up or print off a timetable that fits with you. Include plenty of time to have a break, and maybe even get someone to give you a mini test at the end of each topic/week/day/every other day.
  • Colours: When you are revising use bright colours; it helps you remember more! Write things on coloured paper, or draw pictures to help you revise.
  • Bubble Maps: Write your topic in the middle and then just write everything you can remember around it! It's super easy and doesn't take long at all! Use colours or drawings if it works better for you!
  • Long Text: If you have to read and write about a long,confusing bit of text, don't worry! Just pick out small quotes and annotate around each word about what it means, or what it could suggest. This will really help you understand the text more.
Those were my revision/exam/homework tips! I hope they were helpful!

What are your tips for revising? Have you had any super hard tests? Let me know in the comments! And please let me know if you're reading my posts, it would be really helpful!

Internet Girl xxx

About Me: My Obsessions

Hello again!

In this post I'm going to explain some of my obsessions and tell you how obsessed I get with them!

Harry Potter

A few years ago I went through a HUGE phase where I became dangerously obsessed with Harry Potter. I watched a Harry Potter film once or sometimes twice EVERY DAY. It got to the point were my family would walk in and go "Harry Potter, AGAIN!" I made replicas of the Marauders Map, his Hogwarts letter, and even made one for myself! Me and my family visited the Official Studios in London and it was AMAZING!!!! I bought a book with real replicas and explaining behind the scenes, and it was the greatest thing I ever bought! Then I went AGAIN with school. I knew I might not have this chance again, so I spent my full £90 there! I bought: a hermione wand, a gryffindor cushion, a gryffindor mug. There was an embarrassing moment at the till were I din't have enough money (85p) but my teacher saved me! I am still HUGELY obsessed with Harry Potter but, luckily, not as much!

Ice cream

Luckily, this isn't as bad as the Harry Potter one! First of all, I LOVE ICE CREAM!! And, call me weird, but my favourite flavour is vanilla. Yep, I know, weird. I just love how creamy and delicious it is! If my mam ever buys ice cream I will literally eat it every night for dessert! And, again, I don't really like Ben and Jerry's. (sorry) It's just too sickly and doesn't melt in your mouth like vanilla! When I eat ice cream, I like to add no sauce or sprinkles so that I can mix it up with my spoon until it's really cream and delicious, you should try it!

Any film I like

Right, so any film that I watch and I liked the story, or fancied one of the actors (HEHE) I INSTANTLY become obsessed! I will search on YouTube for interviews with actors, behind the scenes and bloopers from the movie. (This was an early stage in my Harry Potter obsession, I can assure you I have watched every interview there is, including one of Daniel Radcliffe rapping. It is the most wonderful thing I have ever watched). I also search on Instagram for funny text posts about the movie or actors.(Embarrassing, but no-one knows it's me). meh.

Dan and Phil

This obsession is still going now, and has been going for about 5 months. I have become obsessed with Dan and Phil. (AMAZING YouTubers in case you didn't know). I watch their videos EVERY DAY (especially the PINOFs). I bought their book as soon as I knew and read it in 2 hours. Every time they post a new video I have watched it withing 20 minutes of uploading and I follow all their channels. (Including 'DanandPhilCrafts') Don't Cry....................................................... Craft!

Right, I'm going to leave at those four, even If I could go on forever!

I hope you're enjoying my blog! Sorry this post was a bit wordy. Please comment if you're reading this, I would love to know if I have any readers! What are some of your obsessions? Are they the same as mine? Let me know in the comments below.

Internet Girl xxx

Extra: Before I Die I Want To....

Hey guys!

Ok, so in the book 'All The Bright Places' (book review below) they go to this place where everyone writes 'Before I die I want to.....' and fills in the blank of what they want to do. So I thought I would give it a go!!!

Before I die I want to....

  • Watch the sunset and waves on a silent beach
  • Go for a swim at night
  • Own a dog
  • Wander the UK
  • Find my true love
  • Stay in bed for 24 hours
  • Understand what I want to do with my life
  • Dance to music with friends and not care what anyone thinks
  • Be completely and utterly myself
  • Save someone's life
  • Organise my room (PROPERLY)
  • Meet at least one of the Harry Potter cast
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Inspire people
  • Make others happy

So, that was my 'Before I die I want to....' 

Let me know in the comments what your's would be! Please comment if you're reading this because I'd love to see if I have any readers! Have a good weekend!

Internet Girl xxx

Friday, 15 January 2016

Tips: Making a Blog

Hello once again anyone who's there!

I know that I've only really just started this blog, so I don't really know much about blogging, but I wanted to share a few tips about it! Here we go....

  • How it Looks:  Make sure that your blog will be appealing to others. Fiddle around with different colours, themes and pictures, but try to keep it flowing and consisitent so your readers wan to come back.
  • How to Make it:  Choose blog making website that you find very comfortable and easy to use. Don't try to use one that takes ages to upload, because it won't be convenient. I found BlogSpot very easy to pick up straight away.
  • What you Post: Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want your blog to be about, and when you post, make sure you use interesting language, bright colours and pictures.
  • Find other Blogs: If you want your blog to be noticed, search for other blogs similar to yours and comment on some of their posts. Tell them about your blog, give them advice and answers questions they ask in their posts.
  • Don't be Obsessed with Fame:  I have to admit I wouldn't mind if my blog got a couple more views, but then again I've only just started. Don't constantly write about how you're not famous yet, or comment on famous bloggers posts asking them to notice you. You should be writing a blog because you enjoy it, not because you wan to be famous.
  • Your Identity: If you don't want your friends to know you've started a blog, don't include your name! If I came up with "Internet Girl", you can come up with a creative name! Make sure you make a new email too, or it will show "posted by, and then your real name.
So, those were my newbie opinions on starting a blog! I had been deliberating whether to do it for months, and 'Girl Online' finally inspired me. 

Have a go, take a chance, see what you can do! Let me know if you've just started a blog and what your tips for me would be! Please keep reading, I would really appreciate it for you to see how passionate I am! Please comment if you're reading these posts, I'd love to know!

Internet Girl xxx