Saturday, 16 January 2016

About Me: Holidays

Hello again!

I'd like to welcome any new readers! BlogSpot is telling me someone in South Africa has read my blog! I was so excited when I saw!! And there is someone in the US and maybe even a few readers in Britain!!!!!!! I would like to think this can be our little section of the Interenet that we can share. You don't have to comment if you don't want to, but also if you have a blog you would like me to check out, I would be delighted to!

Anyway, on with the post! I am going to write about 'Holidays': some of the ones I've loved; where I like to go; my worst holiday etc.


Holidays are all about relaxing and going somewhere beautiful so you can get away from work. Most people enjoy staying somewhere hot, and enjoying the sun on sandy beaches. However, I prefer to stay in a forest, or countryside somewhere, where it's not quite boiling, but there is a comforting breeze.

My ideal holiday would be in Center Parcs, or a place similar. Where you can relax in a lodge underneath all the greenery, enjoying as many a variety of activities as you wish. You're surrounded by other lodges and homes, yet you feel like you are the only ones there. It's just so tranquil and great.

However, if I did go somewhere with a beach, I'd rather it be in a place a bit colder. Porthleven, Cornwall is one of my favourite holiday destinations. It is a small village with lots of holiday cottages, and my family and I always stay in one in particular. It is only seperated from the beach by I small road and has a short path leading down to the many extremely cute knick-knack shops you find in those places. The people are so welcoming and it really feels like you've been living there for years.

Also, one thing I do know I want when I go on holiday is a pool. I LOVE swimming! I just love the feeling of the water swishing past you, and the deadly silence of the water compared to the noisy chatter above. One time when I went on holiday, we went to the Cotswolds, and went to a pool that was outside. We swam while the rain poured around us, and I don't know why, but I just felt so free! You should definitely try swimming in the rain! (Make sure it's a heated pool though!)

One last thing that I love about holidays is that it brings the whole family together. At home, you would all be in separate rooms, not talking until meals. When you're on holiday everyone sits in the living room together, plays card games and has BBQs together. It's a time were you can enjoy your family, take a break from the blaring screens, relax and just appreciate the world we have! I'd much rather stay somewhere peaceful and beautiful than a noisy city with theme parks and shouty tourists. Wouldn't you?

So, that's my feelings and opinions on holidays (or vacations). Sorry it was a bit long, I got carried away! Comment below about your holidays, and where you like to go. Do you prefer a forest or city? What's your opinion? Please keep reading! Hope you enjoy what you see! 

Internet Girl xxx

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