Friday, 15 January 2016

Life: Friends That Don't 'Fit'

Hi again!

I'm going to write about something a bit more personal and "deep". (scary, I know)

So, I have a group of friends I made when I went into secondary school. We were all really close and I enjoyed spending time with everyone.

Now, though, I have become best friends with someone in particular.(I'll call her Penny). And ,let's say "Veronica", is jealous  so she tries to pull us apart.

What I wanted to say is that if this happens to you, talk about it with your best friend, or one of your others friends and tell them how you feel. There's a big chance they're feeling the same!

Talk to them about what you want to do: you could tell "Veronica" what she's doing that's upsetting you, or maybe if it's not that bad just keeping talking with "Penny" about it.

If the problem gets worse, however , you may have to confront "Veronica". Be calm and just politely explain; if they take it badly, try not to get angry - even if it is really hard!!

If "Veronica" is still trying to break up you friendship with "Penny", get her out of your friendship group; don't be mean, just say you feel that you are very different from each other, and you tried to sort things out but it didn't work.

You'll feel so much better without that negative relationship, so don't be afraid! You need to be happy, so try your best!! 

If you feel you may be that friend, take a long, hard look at yourself and try to see what you've been doing wrong. Talk to the friends you think you're upsetting and tell them you want to have a good friendship, and want to be a better person. Make sure you stick to your promises, or they might not give you another chance!

Have you ever had a problem like this? How did you deal with "Veronica"? Me and "Penny" haven't fixed our problem yet, but it's much better to talk to "Penny" about it. Hope you're enjoying my blog so far!

Internet Girl xxx

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