Saturday, 16 January 2016

Tips: Revision and Exams

Hello again!

I am going to write some tips on how to deal with exams and how to revise well. I also wanted to say, to anyone who actually reads these posts, I'm not going to be posting so much since I will run out of ideas. I think I will only post once a day. thanks for reading xx

  • Start Early: As soon as you know when your exam will be, start revising! Don't leave it to the last minute; find out what will be in the paper and revise as much as you can.
  • Take Breaks: Make sure you remember to take regular breaks so you don't get too tired, otherwise you won't be able to focus! 
  • Rewards: If you have been working for quite a while or have done really well in a past paper, give yourself a reward! Maybe a break, chocolate, go outside, watch T.V.
  • Don't Give Up: Even if you can't focus or you haven't remembered anything, don't give up! You're probably just getting stressed and worrying too much! Have a relax before you start working again.
  • Be Organised: Draw up or print off a timetable that fits with you. Include plenty of time to have a break, and maybe even get someone to give you a mini test at the end of each topic/week/day/every other day.
  • Colours: When you are revising use bright colours; it helps you remember more! Write things on coloured paper, or draw pictures to help you revise.
  • Bubble Maps: Write your topic in the middle and then just write everything you can remember around it! It's super easy and doesn't take long at all! Use colours or drawings if it works better for you!
  • Long Text: If you have to read and write about a long,confusing bit of text, don't worry! Just pick out small quotes and annotate around each word about what it means, or what it could suggest. This will really help you understand the text more.
Those were my revision/exam/homework tips! I hope they were helpful!

What are your tips for revising? Have you had any super hard tests? Let me know in the comments! And please let me know if you're reading my posts, it would be really helpful!

Internet Girl xxx

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